acanto lux

The Fedesa Acanto Lux package is equipped with the following specification.


Three programmable positions and exit position.
Multifunction foot control.
One armrest (Optional second armrest).
Double articulating headrest.
Seamless upholstery.


Porcelain removable bowl.
Cup filler & bowl rinse.
Ability to rotate by 60 degrees.
Clean water system.
Built-in Durr cuspidor drain valve system.

Delivery System.

Choice of hanging hose or continental type.
3 way syringe.
1 F/Optic midwest outlet.
1 F/Optic outlet with Bien Air MC3 LK micro motor.
Option to add 2 further outlets.
Controls for cup filler and bowl rinse.
Keypad for chair control movements.

Nurse Station.

Nurse station on adjustable arm.
High and low volume suction hoses.
Controls for cup filler and bowl rinse.
Tray holder.
Option to add a further outlet.

Operating Light.

Faro EDI cuspidor mounted light.

acanto lux

acanto lux

acanto lux

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