FEDESA applies the most advanced CAD-CAM technology in the development of its products.

Engineers and specialists work together on medium and long-term projects and in the research and development of new materials and production technologies.

Research and development is part of an ongoing process of market research, in which trends and their anticipation along with the high professionalism of the specialists are key factors in obtaining the suitable product at any given time.

The technology used in the construction of the pre-series of the new products is the same as that used in serial production, so quality is guaranteed from the creation of the product.

FEDESA, aware of the importance of this section, allocates 6.5 % of its turnover to the same, ensuring the constant updating of its staff in new techniques through top level training courses.

Electronics form an inseparable part of the equipment, contributing to reliability and permitting carefully designed ergonomics.

The new forms, materials and mechanisms are tested before use to ensure their suitability for the function.

Automatic processes ensure precision, quality and agreement between the specifications established in the plans and the finished piece; human error has been eliminated.

Fedesa Dental

Fedesa Dental

Fedesa Dental